Leverage the developer platform powering global finance

As the world of finance evolves to become more automated, transparent, and accessible, new opportunities for growth and positive change will be driven by opening up our services in a more scalable way. We are focused on creating developer tools which are easy to use, unlock value, and create scale in order to transform our industry.

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Work with TxB

TxB APIs enable eligible partners and Clients to embed Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking capabilities into their own ecosystem. TxB APIs are based around three functional domains - creating virtual accounts, originating payments, and tracking balances & transaction activity.

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Work With Risk

Unlock the power of SecDb through our APIs and developer tools. Harness the platform for financial risk computation and portfolio analytics that redefined how we manage risk. Leverage a comprehensive range of derivatives market and pricing models used by our traders and quants to evaluate and manage risk across global markets.


Work With Data

Leverage the unique position of Goldman Sachs as a leading global investment bank and innovator in global derivative markets. Gain access to historical and intraday data across asset classes through our unified, cross-asset data platform.



GS Quant

GS Quant is a Python toolkit for quantitative finance, created on top of one of the world’s most powerful risk transfer platforms. Designed to accelerate development of quantitative trading strategies and risk management solutions, crafted over 25 years of experience navigating global markets.


PlotTool Pro

PlotTool gives sophisticated investors unparalleled access to global financial markets. Access a rich set of derivatives data, analytics functions, and bespoke visualizations across asset classes. Understand complex market dynamics, evaluate and share ideas, and backtest trading strategies, all from a single tool.



Access a comprehensive institutional API offering through the Marquee developer platform. Incorporate the full range of Goldman Sachs services within your own applications and processes to drive efficiency, architect for scale, and create new business lines by leveraging our scale and market coverage.


Marcus by Goldman Sachs

Empower your business with secure, seamless APIs and Banking as a Service solutions designed to help you deliver innovative consumer experiences.

Open Source Solutions

Open Source Solutions


PURE is a modeling language inspired in part by languages such as the Object Constraint Language (OCL) and UML. PURE also has many elements of a functional programming language.

Open Source Solutions


Alloy is a visual modeling environment and system that creates, maintains, and helps distribute models built in PURE.