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Data Services

Integrate our data and insights into your tools and processes. Access the same high-quality market, execution, and research data trusted by our market professionals, as well as a variety of unique Goldman Sachs content for use in quantitative and data-driven strategies and analytics.

Asset API

Retrieve information on securities or other observable instruments. Access Goldman Sachs product data, resolve symbology, and map instruments through a simple, flexible interface.

Data API

Integrate our proprietary datasets into your processes. Access millions of market data, portfolio, and risk analytics data points.

Hedging Solutions

Tailor your portfolio exposures and risks using our hedging and optimization tools. Dynamically manage objectives and constraints while controlling for cost and tradability to meet your investment goals.

Hedge API

Achieve your hedging objective for an asset or portfolio while controlling starting universe, various sector and factor constraints, weights, and tradability constraints.

Index Solutions

Access the full range of Goldman Sachs indices and basket products, or create bespoke solutions to tailor your own investment strategies. Design, create, and rebalance fully-customized, ready-to-trade basket solutions to express thematic and risk views.

Index API

Create and rebalance custom equity indices, access constituents, and manage the lifecycle of cross-asset custom index products.

Portfolio Solutions

Programmatically manage your portfolio lifecycle from creation and update to scheduling reports with full control over visibility and sharing. Automate your portfolio workflow using our APIs — leaving you to focus on the alpha driving decisions.

Portfolio API

Create and rebalance portfolios, schedule reports, get basic portfolio stats and liquidity analytics.

Risk Analytics

Leverage our industry-leading models and risk analytics tools to gain a deeper understanding of your portfolio exposures and risks.

Risk API

Automate performance, attribution, and risk reports for an asset or portfolio. Compute liquidity and execution analytics for equity portfolios.

Risk Calculation API

Access Goldman Sachs risk engines to calculate risk exposures on derivatives products across asset classes. Define and evaluate complex market scenarios and variety of sensitivities and risk measures.