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Unlock 150 years of financial expertise by embedding our developer services into your ecosystem

Embedded Consumer Finance

An API-first platform that enables companies to offer our award-winning consumer financial products directly within their digital experience.


MSCI Equity Factor Risk Models via Goldman Sachs

Access MSCI’s market-leading risk factor models via Goldman Sachs’ flexible portfolio analytics ecosystem, programmatically or via user interface.

Programmatic Risk Management

GS Quant, our open-source python toolkit designed to rapidly and seamlessly integrate data, provides a programmatic environment to access MSCI’s risk factor models in a scalable manner.

Time Series Visualization

PlotTool Pro, one of the most popular tools on the trading floor, offers powerful time series visualization and analysis of a portfolio’s factor performance and risk.

Portfolio Risk Analysis

Goldman Sachs Portfolio Analytics offers a highly intuitive web interface to upload, analyze and share portfolios, understand sources of risk through the lens of MSCI factor risk models, and control risk exposure with custom hedges.

GS Transaction Banking launches TxB APIs


Send, receive, and manage payments globally

Treasury Automation

Manage liquidity, make payments, and automate key treasury functions

Banking as a Service

Embed business bank account experiences within your own applications

Accelerate your investment process through direct access to our sophisticated developer tools

Institutional APIs

Access our comprehensive set of APIs to unlock global markets across asset classes. Designed for developers to create secure, scalable solutions which cover the full investment process, from idea generation to trade execution and risk management.

Developer tools

Compress time to market and create efficient, automated solutions with sophisticated tools trusted by our traders, quants, and technologists. Leverage our unique data, quantitative finance toolkit, and advanced trading analytics to accelerate development and unlock value.

Cross-asset platform

Designed from the ground up to provide intuitive cross-asset services for internal and external developers to rapidly integrate with our data, pricing models, and liquidity in a modular way. Access the platform used by our developers daily to navigate markets at scale.


APIs: Programming the Future of Finance

Institutional finance is on the threshold of a transformation that could radically change what it means to be an investment bank, and redefine how our clients consume our services.

Use Cases

As the world of finance evolves to become more automated, transparent, and accessible, new opportunities for growth and positive change will be driven by opening up our services in a more scalable way. We are focused on creating developer tools which are easy to use, unlock value, and create scale in order to transform our industry.

Risk Solutions

Unlock the power of SecDb through our APIs and developer tools. Access the platform for financial risk computation and portfolio analytics that redefined how we manage risk.

Data Solutions

Leverage our unique position as a leading investment bank and innovator in global derivative markets. Access historical and intraday cross-asset data through our unified data platform.

Introducing TxB APIs

Enabling the treasury of the future

We’re helping clients build a treasury of the future and power software partners to enhance their offerings. Our mission is simple - provide a global transaction banking platform that is nimble, secure, and easy for clients to use and for partners to connect to.

Introducing GS Quant

The complete solution for quantitative finance

Introducing GS Quant, a Python toolkit for quantitative finance, created on top of one of the world’s most powerful risk transfer platforms. Designed to accelerate development of quantitative trading strategies and risk management solutions, crafted over 25 years of experience navigating global markets.

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