Data Analytics
Accelerate time to market by rapidly turning data into actionable insights with our suite of tools for data visualization and analysis.
Data Analytics suite
Whether you want to quickly analyze a market event and share your findings, or you need to backtest complex trading strategies, you can rely on our data analytics suite for easy data visualization and scalable parallel compute all powered by the same API accessing our unified data platform.
Powerful time series analytics
Understand complex market dynamics, evaluate and share ideas, and backtest trading strategies all through an easy to use interface available on web or desktop.
Data-driven insights
Inform your workflow with proprietary Goldman Sachs' trading desk data. Understand how we look at markets, what we identify as important, and how we assess value to generate investment ideas.
Market-leading API delivery
Retrieve data with speed and simplicity using well documented APIs. Engage GS Quant, our Python toolkit for quantitative finance, to access and analyze data through a few lines of code.
PlotTool Pro
Analyze data using a rich library of mathematical functions and create custom data visualizations.
GS Quant
Accelerate development of quantitative strategies and manage risk with our open-source Python toolkit.
Curated Data
Access institutional-grade GS-curated financial markets data, including select third-party data products sourced via AWS Data Exchange – all mapped to a consistent data model.
Data Management
Remove the complexity of building and supporting a data management system by bringing your own data into Goldman Sachs' managed tick database.
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