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Getting Started

Learn the basics of our institutional services platform, from registering an application to authentication to your first API call.


Data Services

Integrate our data and insights into your tools and processes. Access the same high-quality market, execution, and research data trusted by our market professionals, as well as a variety of unique Goldman Sachs content for use in quantitative and data-driven strategies and analytics, including a Security Master with deep history.


Portfolio Services

Programmatically manage your portfolio lifecycle from creation and update to scheduling reports with full control over visibility and sharing. Automate your portfolio workflow using our APIs — leaving you to focus on the alpha driving decisions.


Index Services

Access the full range of Goldman Sachs indices and basket products, or create bespoke solutions to tailor your own investment strategies. Design, create, and rebalance fully-customized, ready-to-trade basket solutions to express thematic and risk views.


Hedging Services

Tailor your portfolio exposures and risks using our hedging and optimization tools. Dynamically manage objectives and constraints while controlling for cost and tradability to meet your investment goals.


Pricing & Risk Services

Leverage our industry-leading models and risk analytics tools to gain a deeper understanding of your portfolio exposures and risks.


Content Services

Leverage insights from across Goldman Sachs with client-focused content on equity, fixed income, currency and commodities markets. Clients can access both historical and real-time fundamental insights and analysis.



TxB APIs enable eligible partners and Clients to embed Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking capabilities into their own ecosystem. TxB APIs are based around three functional domains - creating virtual accounts, originating payments, and tracking balances & transaction activity.


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GS Select

Goldman Sachs Select is a Private Banking platform for Securities-backed Lending & Deposit products catered to independent Financial Advisors and Clients affiliated with third party broker dealers and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms in the US Wealth Management market. The product is powered by an API-first, multi-tenant platform that supports open banking API standards.


GS Quant

GS Quant is a Python toolkit for quantitative finance, created on top of one of the world’s most powerful risk transfer platforms. Designed to accelerate development of quantitative trading strategies and risk management solutions, crafted over 25 years of experience navigating global markets.


PlotTool Pro

PlotTool gives sophisticated investors unparalleled access to global financial markets. Access a rich set of derivatives data, analytics functions, and bespoke visualizations across asset classes. Understand complex market dynamics, evaluate and share ideas, and backtest trading strategies, all from a single tool.


Goldman Sachs Design

Customized for institutional finance, the Goldman Sachs design system is built for creating rich experiences. From color palettes and iconography to writing styles and pattern libraries, our design system is the source of logic for all of our digital products.

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