PlotTool Pro
Analyze data using a rich library of mathematical functions and create custom visualizations.
Powerful time series analytics at your fingertips
PlotTool Pro is Goldman Sachs’ original time series analytics tool that's based on the most popular app on our trading floor. It provides access to rich data, bespoke visualizations, and ability to backtest trading strategies, all through a straightforward interface available on web or desktop.
Real time access to our extensive datasets
Gain full access to deep historical data across major markets. Seamlessly navigate intraday and end of day data, computed in real time through our proprietary market models. Combine with your own data to evaluate complex trading strategies.
Differentiated analytics and precise backtesting
Explore PlotTool Pro's extensive, open-sourced financial mathematics library including algebraic, econometric, and technical functions. Run backtests on the fly with the tool’s integrated option backtesting capabilities and understand your portfolio’s factor exposures running factor and correlation analysis.
Seamless collaboration in an intuitive interface
Construct and organize your own custom plots leveraging the tool’s highly flexible expression editor or, with the click of a button, access curated charts by our traders and strategists expressing their views of the market. Share your ideas with others in your network for easy collaboration.
Unique perspectives from our trading floor
View the market through the same lens as our trading floor, and collaborate digitally with our sales and trading teams through shared analytics.
A wealth of proprietary data and product reference information
Access pricing data, research, and a variety of unique and proprietary datasets for use in data-intensive strategies.
Portfolio Analytics
Design, develop and deploy your portfolio strategies rapidly and at scale. Built by quants, for quants.
GS Quant
Accelerate development of quantitative strategies and manage risk with our open-source Python toolkit.
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