Goldman Sachs, MSCI, and Coin Metrics collaborate to create a new framework for the classification of digital assets.
Data Partners
Opening our architecture to seamlessly deliver industry-leading data and analytics from a growing network of strategic partners.
Goldman Sachs Financial Cloud for Data
Goldman Sachs and AWS collaborate to create new data management and analytics solutions for financial services organizations.
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Discover, organize, manage, and analyze data. Leverage our unique position as a leading investment bank and innovator in global markets. Access historical and intraday cross-asset data from Goldman Sachs or third-party sources through our unified data platform.
Analyze and interpret data at scale using our front-office tools for investment analysis and risk management.
Embed consumer and business financial products within your own experiences.
Video Reinventing financial data analytics
Hear how we've rearchitected our proprietary data and analytics capabilities using AWS services to make it easier to discover, combine, and analyze data.
Goldman Sachs Open Source
Goldman Sachs runs on open source. For nearly a decade, we have been open sourcing our own products and contributing to existing projects, especially those we use internally. Explore what we're up to in the open source community.
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Developers are building the future of finance. Learn about the innovative work that we're doing at Goldman Sachs and come collaborate with us.
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