Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking (TxB) offers a new, API-first way to automate your corporate treasury or embed business banking products into your experiences
Send, receive, and manage payments and accounts globally. For businesses who want to create modern, automated, and API-based payment experiences
Treasury Automation
Manage liquidity, move money, and automate key treasury functions. For Treasurers who want to upgrade to real-time
Banking as a Service
Embed business bank account & payments experiences within your own products. For B2B software companies who want to expand their offering
Manage complicated ledgers with Virtual Accounts
TxB APIs allow you to create, delete, and modify virtual accounts. Use this flexible ledger tool to better track and allocate money movement without the latency and manual work usually involved in transaction reconciliation. Virtual accounts can be assigned to individual customers, suppliers, deals, or anything else you might want to track at a granular level.
A simple Payments API for all supported payment rails and geographies
TxB APIs allow you to originate payments and collections requests on-demand via US Fedwire, US ACH, CHAPS, and SWIFT payment methods. TxB APIs are payment rail and geography agnostic, so you don't need to learn a new API every time you add a new payment rail. Use these services to create customer facing payment applications (e.g., a checkout flow) or to power internal automated payment procedures (e.g., automatically paying a supplier once an invoice has been approved).
Real time account data access for seamless ledger tracking
TxB APIs allow you to track changes to your account ledger. Use this service to understand what transactions have impacted your account balance today (real-time, intraday) or on previous days (end of day, prior days).
Payments API across payment networks & geographies
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