September 23, 2021

Hello World (from co-CIO Marco Argenti)

Marco Argenti, Co-CIO, Goldman Sachs

Developers are building the future of finance. At Goldman Sachs, we have identified nine Engineering Tenets to define the approaches and strategies that make Goldman Sachs engineers unique and enable us to do our best work. With the launch of our developer blog, two of those tenets are particularly on my mind.

Build with Purpose

Engineers build great products starting from who will benefit from them and why it’s important for our clients. We drive commercial outcomes through technology, measuring, and tuning our efforts to advance the long term strategy and constantly deliver client value.

Keep Learning

Engineers recognize that technology is always evolving at a rapid pace and that today’s state of the art can quickly become obsolete. We do not chase trends, but look at repeatable patterns and solidify our understanding of those patterns through curiosity, experimenting and constant learning.

Going forward, through this platform, we will begin sharing learnings gathered from building, launching, and scaling products within finance throughout the firm’s 150 year legacy. We will explore projects that have been open sourced and spotlight opportunities to collaborate. These tenets apply not only to the work developers do every day here, but to the ways in which we interact with and contribute to the broader community. As we engage via this blog and our developer site, we welcome your feedback. Reach out to us on Twitter with comments, questions, or opportunities to build together.

If you are attending OSPOCon, join us on Monday, September 27, for “Lessons Learned from Creating an Open Source Program Office (OSPO) at Goldman Sachs”. Our teams are growing – explore opportunities across the globe.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what we create together.


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