May 27, 2022

Join Goldman Sachs at Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit Warsaw

Lydia Whicher, Associate, EMEA Engineering

We are delighted to sponsor Perspektywy’s Women in Tech Summit in Warsaw (June 7-8), for the fifth year. As the largest technology conference for women in Europe, this year’s hybrid edition will gather more than 5,000 women to hear from industry leaders, share ideas, and grow their networks.

Attendees will enjoy a packed agenda including keynotes, tech talks, workshops, and networking opportunities. Goldman Sachs engineers will be joining live to share knowledge and insights. If you are attending, we would love to invite you to join our sessions.


Presented by Orla Dunne, Partner, Global Head of Foundational Infrastructure and Head of EMEA Core Engineering


The New Technologies Transforming Finance

Moderator: Scott Weinstein, Managing Director, Frontend Platforms, Goldman Sachs

  • Andrzej Pacek, Head of NatWest Poland
  • Agnieszka Lasyk, Director of Engineering, Schibsted
  • Chris Welland, Head of CTO Policy, Innovation Enablement and Strategy, Citi
  • Lavinia Osbourne, Founder, Women in Blockchain 

Sustainable Leadership for Hard Times

Moderator: Iwona Kozera, Founder, Fundacja Liderek Biznesu

  • Aniela Hejnowska, General Manager, IQVIA
  • Artur Miernik, Partner, Leader, Poland Workforce Advisory, People Advisory Services, EY
  • Dominika Bettman, General Director, Microsoft
  • Dorota Żurkowska, Group Senior Vice President, Business Development, Distribution & Eurosport TVN Group, TVN Discovery
  • Jonathan Bury, Managing Director, Head of Warsaw Office, Goldman Sachs

Tech Talks

Business Decisions Management with Decision Modeling and Notation (DMN): How to Automate Decisions and Scale-out SME Knowledge.

Marek Bubala, Vice President, Data Science and Machine Learning

How do you avoid bottlenecks coming from hard coding domain knowledge into inflexible systems? How do you formalize and automate day-to-day decisions made in an organization? The Business Decision Management (BDM) field allows you to draw clear borders between rapidly changing business domains and your core system architecture. Similarly, Decision Modeling and Notation (DMN) helps to implement and automate business decisions. As an open standard, DMN comes with a mature language workbench, including editors and execution engines provided by several vendors. During this session, we will explore the benefits of adopting BDM/DMN and share more about jDMN - an open source implementation of DMN, created by Goldman Sachs.

Micro Frontends: The Future of Single Page Web Applications

Deborah Venuti, Associate, Frontend Platforms

Data and technology are rapidly transforming the financial services industry but developers still face critical challenges. Data discovery, acquisition, and processing are time consuming. Modeling and connecting various datasets is also a complex task. What if there could be a one-stop solution for integrating curated financial markets data at scale? In this session, we will share our experience building the Goldman Sachs Financial Cloud platform using a micro frontends architecture. 


Ethical Hacking: The Basics of Web Application Security

Maciej Pietraszko, Analyst, Technology Risk

Currently, web applications are one of the most commonly used technologies. Due to this, it is important to be familiar with common attacks and vulnerabilities. During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn the theoretical and practical basics of cybersecurity web applications. We will also discuss the most common attack techniques and methods of protection against them.

Power of Process Design in Addressing Complex Problems: Process Mapping and Analysis

Irena Karczmarczyk, Vice President, Data Science and Machine Learning
Mariusz Kosiecki, Vice President, Data Science and Machine Learning

Automation is a popular topic nowadays, but taking shortcuts can harm the business process. This session will help you understand how to leverage Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) as well as process analysis techniques to achieve the right automation outcomes. You will learn business analysis using a real-life use case and draw up an example BPMN process model that will represent automation opportunities. Finally, we will discuss future state process and explain the steps that assure the right solution design.

Product Discovery and Delivery Techniques: Building a Competitive Product as a Product Manager

Tayisiya Tsyzova, Analyst, Data Science and Machine Learning

Building a new product might seem complex, and managing the first steps of this process can be a pain point for product managers. During the workshop, you will have an opportunity to practice some of the most common product discovery and delivery techniques. After the session, you will know why measuring KPIs is not the best criteria for understanding your progress and how your daily routine will help you to understand the concept behind story mapping.

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