Coin Metrics
Trusted financial intelligence for the new digital economy
Goldman Sachs, MSCI, and Coin Metrics collaborate to create a new framework for the classification of digital assets. This new classification system is designed to provide a consistent, standardized way to help market participants view and analyze the digital assets ecosystem, creating an increased level of transparency into how the market is moving and serving as a foundation for portfolio performance, risk management, reporting, and creation of new investment strategies.
Cryptocurrency Datasets
Coin Metrics' leading blockchain network data are now available through Goldman Sachs. These datasets cover Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange prices, VWAPs, traded volumes, supply, index levels, network addresses, and more, providing extensive insight into the crypto market. Over one hundred metrics are available, offered daily with a subset intraday - all normalized by Goldman Sachs.
About Coin Metrics
Coin Metrics organizes the world’s crypto data to make it transparent and accessible. Built from the start to be institutional grade, Coin Metrics is deeply embedded across the digital assets ecosystem to set the industry standard for cryptoasset data. 
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