Improved portfolio analytics and efficient workflows
Goldman Sachs, MSCI, and Coin Metrics collaborate to create, a new framework for the classification of digital assets. This new classification system is designed to provide a consistent, standardized way to help market participants view and analyze the digital assets ecosystem, creating an increased level of transparency into how the market is moving and serving as a foundation for portfolio performance, risk management, reporting, and creation of new investment strategies.
Risk Factor Models
MSCI’s industry-leading risk factor models are now accessible through Goldman Sachs. With the combined expertise in data and risk management, this collaboration aims to deliver higher quality analytics that clients can access in a simplified way.
About MSCI
With over 50 years of expertise in research, data and technology, MSCI powers better investment decisions by enabling clients to understand and analyze key drivers of risk and return and confidently build more effective portfolios. MSCI creates industry-leading, research-enhanced solutions risk and performance analytics that help clients build better portfolios and communicate with clients more effectively through an integrated view of risk and return.
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