Reinventing Financial Data Analytics
Hear how we've rearchitected our proprietary data and analytics capabilities using AWS services to make it easier to discover, combine, and analyze data.
AWS re:Invent 2021 - Session FSI204: Reinventing financial data analytics
Performing sophisticated data management and analytics can create a critical advantage in financial markets, but doing so with speed and scale requires significant time and resources. In this video, learn how Goldman Sachs is addressing this challenge by building a cloud-native, modular, and integrated collection of services to enable innovation in financial data analytics.
Curated Data
Access institutional-grade GS-curated financial markets data, including select third-party data products sourced via AWS Data Exchange – all mapped to a consistent data model.
Data Management
Remove the complexity of building and supporting a data management system by bringing your own data into Goldman Sachs' managed tick database.
Data Analytics
Accelerate time to market by rapidly turning data into actionable insights with our suite of tools for data visualization and analysis.
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