Marquee API Developer

We believe the future of finance will be created by developers

Access a comprehensive institutional API offering through the Marquee® developer platform. Incorporate the full range of Goldman Sachs services within your own applications and processes to drive efficiency, architect for scale, and create new business lines by leveraging our scale and market coverage.

Coherently designed for any asset class and any language

Leverage the platform trusted by hundreds of institutional investors, from top quantitative hedge funds to the world's largest asset managers. Designed from the ground up to provide a complete set of services to our client base, the Marquee APIs are used by our developers to create applications for both our trading desks and our clients.

How CTOs, Quants, and Engineers are scaling up with Marquee API Developer

Leverage full service suite

We believe the future of finance will be created by developers. Benefit from our industry leading institutional API platform to create flexible and scalable solutions to accelerate your business.

Comprehensive access and reach

Designed for scale, simplicity and ease of integration. Our APIs are cross-asset, cover the full investment lifecycle, and provide access to a range of tools used across our global trading desks.

Use the same APIs we use

Use the same services trusted by our global trading desks. Automate complex workflows, from content and analytics to derivatives structuring and electronic trading. Build on one of the world's most powerful institutional finance platforms.

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