PlotTool Pro

The original timeseries analytics tool. Redefined.

PlotTool™ Pro gives sophisticated investors unparalleled access to global financial markets. Access a rich set of derivatives data, analytics functions, and bespoke visualizations across asset classes. Understand complex market dynamics, evaluate and share ideas, and backtest trading strategies, all from a single tool.

Indispensable analytics

PlotTool Pro is the most popular tool on the trading floor of Goldman Sachs, created and refined over 20 years of development across our global trading desks. Choose the one tool our structurers and traders can’t live without.

Unparalleled data

Full access to deep historical data across all major derivative markets. Seamlessly navigate intraday and end of day data, computed in realtime through our proprietary market models for our trading desks, and now, our clients. Also available via Data Catalog for programmatic access.

Unique ideas

Leverage ideas directly from our trading desks to understand how we look at markets, what's important, and how we assess value. Share ideas with other leading market professionals across our trading desks and your institution.

Differentiated Analytics

Complex analytics simplified

Access a vast array of timeseries analytics functions with full mathematical documentation. Discover data, view inline function documentation, and create custom visualizations, all through a straightforward interface available on web or desktop.

Complex analytics simplified
Precise backtesting to evaluate complex strategies

Comprehensive backtesting and derivative analytics capabilities. Evaluate the performance of complex trading strategies with confidence by leveraging tools used daily by our market professionals to transform and manage risk.

# Create an Equity Option
put_option = EqOption(SPX, put, 3m, delta, 25)

# Create a Systematic Strategy
put_roll = BacktestStrategy(put_option, 1m, no_delta_hedge, quantity, -1)

# Visualize Strategy Performance
Seamless collaboration to discover and share ideas

Create and navigate your view of the markets by constructing and organizing your own custom plots. Discover new ideas by browsing through our views on the market, or share your ideas with others within your network.

Seamless collaboration to discover and share ideas
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