Use Cases

TxB APIs are designed to support two major use cases.

Direct users, e.g., corporate treasurers

Treasury Clients, who own a TxB deposit or escrow account or who use TxB payments services, can use our APIs to build their treasury of the future, including automating payment execution and reconciliation, liquidity tracking and forecasting, foreign exchange risk management, etc.

As an extension, TxB APIs can also be used by Treasury Management Systems, Accounting Systems, and other solutions that corporate treasurers already use to manage their business. Building the treasury of the future won't require every corporate treasurer to develop their treasury stack in-house; many can leverage the powerful software already in the market. TxB can help extend the capabilities of these types of service providers.

In addition to offering deposit accounts, typically used by corporate treasurers, we also offer payments services that allow Clients to build payments capabilities into their internal workflows. TxB payments services, powered by TxB APIs, are designed to allow any treasurer or product team to streamline the payment experience without necessarily establishing a TxB deposit account.

Payments & Banking as a Service, e.g., powering software our Clients offer to their end users

TxB APIs also allow software companies to leverage our financial infrastructure to build native payments and banking experiences into their own customer facing applications.

An example use case might be:

  • A software company offers a SaaS product to its business clients
  • This company wants to enable their business clients to make payments, manage liquidity, and track foreign exchange rates from within their own mobile app
  • This company could team up with TxB and use TxB APIs to power embedded banking experiences through its mobile app

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