BAI File Guide

You can sign up with TxB Client Service to receive BAI2 reports intraday or at end of day. These reports provide the balances of each deposit account you own and the associated transactions.

Available Frequency

BAI2 - End of Day Statement MessageDaily - generated around midnight EST
BAI2 - Intraday Day Statement MessageEvery 15, 30, 60 minute intervals or at defined schedule

If you opt to receive intraday statements (e.g., say every 60 minutes) and during that 60 minutes your accounts have no transaction activity, you can opt to receive a 'blank' intraday report or to simply not receive a report.

File Structure

BAI Files can look daunting, but we'll show you how to interpret them. Here's a sample:

16,495,1000,,I1220012,endtoendID,To: Payee account, Account: XXXXX-4454, Client Ref ID: endtoendID, GS ID:I1220012/
88,CREF: 9f4396bd-8c47-4893-8682-bd8ff006d140

Overview of File Structure

01 File HeaderMandatory information, present exactly once in the file
     02 Group Header                      Beginning of the group
                 03 Account Identifier                     First Account
                      16 Transaction Detail
                 49 Account Trailer
                 03 Account Identifier                     Second Account
                 49 Account Trailer
                 03 Account Identifier                     Third Account
                      16 Transaction Detail
                          88 Continuation
                          88 Continuation
                 49 Account Trailer
     98 Group Trailer                      End of the Group
99 File Trailer                     End of the file

The file header and trailer are mandatory and are present exactly once in the file. There can be one or multiple groups in the file and each group can have multiple accounts.

Interpretation of the Sample BAI File

Sample File Level Record:

Interpretation of Record:
This suggests that this file has been generated by GSBI for client ABC, on 31st March 2020 at 11:00 PM. This is the first record of the day & is identified by "1" in the record. Format used is v2 of BAI

Field NameValue
Record Code01
Sender IdentificationGSBI
Receiver IdentificationClient ID
File Creation DateYYMMDD Format
File Creation TimeMilitary Format (2400)
File Identification NumberUnique File ID
Physical Record LengthOptional
Block SizeOptional
Version Number2

Sample Group Level Record:

Interpretation of Record:
This record states that this is a group header for accounts reported by GSBI. Group status "1" suggests this is an update and has been generated on 31st March 2020 at 11:00 PM.

Field NameValue
Record Code02
Ultimate Receiver IDOptional
Originator IDGSBI
Group Status1
As-of-dateYYMMDD Format
As-of-timeTime of Origination
Currency CodeOptional
As-of-Date Modifier2(For Prior day EOD Report)
3(For Intraday Report)
Not populated for current day EOD Report

Sample Account Level record:

Interpretation of Record:
The given record is an account header for account number "123456" with account currency USD. "010" refers to opening balance of the account that is stated to be $100. The last 2 digits in the amount field are considered as decimals based on the currency decimal value applicable.

Field NameValue
Record Code03
Customer Account NumberAccount Number
Currency CodeAccount Currency(ISO)
Type CodeRefer Appendix
AmountAmount for the Value Reported
Item CodeAs per the table on the right
Funds TypeWon't populate

Sample Transaction Level Record:
16,495,1000,,I1220012,test1,To: Payee account, Account: XXXXX-4454, Client Ref ID: endtoendID, GS ID:I1220012

Interpretation of Record:
This record states that this is a transaction detail record of record type 495- interpreted as wire transfer out of the account of value $10. The GS bank unique payment ID for this payment is "I1220012" and end to end of the payment received is "test1".

Field NameValue
Record Code16
Type CodeRefer Appendix - Details of Transaction Type Code
Funds TypeOptional
Bank Reference NumberGS Unique Payment ID(GS UPI)
Customer Reference Numberend to End ID
TextTransaction Description

Sample Continuation Record:
88,CREF: 9f4396bd-8c47-4893-8682-bd8ff006d140

Interpretation of Record:
If the information in a single record needs to continue to the next row owing to length issues; record type 88 is used. 88 is considered a continuation record wherever placed.GS uses 88 records to provide additional datapoints in a more structured format to bethat can be parsed programmatically.

Each instance of a 88 record is used to represent an additional data point.

Field NameValue
Record Code88
TextAny additional info on the record; that could not be completed in the original preceding record
GS will provide the following additional attributes when available under respective tags

End to End ID-EREF
Clearing System Reference-CREF
Debtor's Name-DBNM
Creditor's Name-CRNM
Receiver's Identification Number(ACH)-IDNM
Counterparty Account Number-CACT/DACT
Creditor ABA Number-CABA
Debtor ABA Number-DABA

Sample Account Trailer Record:

Field NameValue
Record Code49
Account Control TotalNumerical sum of all amounts in the payment reports
Number of RecordsTotal number of records in the account envelop

Sample Group Trailer Record:

Field NameValue
Record Code98
Group Control TotalNumerical sum of all account control totals
Number of accountsTotal number of accounts reported in the group
Number of recordsTotal number of records in the group envelop

Sample File Trailer Record:

Field NameValue
Record Code99
File Control TotalNumerical sum of all group control totals
Number of GroupsTotal number of groups reported in the file
Number of RecordsTotal number of records in the file envelop

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