Payment Structure

Payment structures can be confusing, so below is a review of how payment and collections are structured with TxB APIs.

LevelDescriptionPotential Statuses
REQUEST LEVEL, identified by a paymentRequestId or collectionRequestIdThe top-level envelope that wraps all individual payments or collections. Each paymentRequest contains 1 'funding' account, which can be a GS TxB Deposit account or a 3rd party bank account. Each collectionRequest contains 1 TxB account into which funds will be deposited. Once a request has been ACCEPTED, the individual payments and collections begin processing (and you can begin querying their status)INITIATED, ACCEPTED, REJECTED
BATCH LEVELOur Payment APIs do not use Batches, so if you are only using our payments APIs then you can disregard Batches. In file based payments, batches allow you to put multiple sets of payments into a single fileACCEPTED, PENDING, RELEASED, SETTLED
PAYMENT LEVEL, identified by a paymentEndToEndId or collectionEndToEndIdThe individual payments or collections contained within the Request. TxB supports up to 500 individual payments or collections in a single requestACCEPTED, PENDING, RELEASED, REJECTED, SETTLED